Monday, August 1, 2011

Tour of BoulDurango - Day 4

After spending the later portions of the afternoon in the river and grabbing another round of food at Eddieline the group splintered and some made it to the Lariat for Disco Night. The daily shot quick shot of the group before rolling out.

The Brick Oven team leads up the lower slopes of Cottonwood while getting Tour de France updates.
Arlo has a smile before the suffering begins
Truck knows which way he's going.....UP.

Steve Grossman nears the top of Cottonwood.

Relaxing with a view as we regroup...what a sight.
A small amount of snow is hanging around the top.
The Dale's Pale Ale RV with Johnny & Smiley climb.

Dave Chichura summits.
Dale & Dave enjoy the view & watching people suffer the upper part of the climb.
Dan Loftus from the Brick Oven relaxing.
Arlo....1000, 1001,'s not my fault I have to sculpt my guns in the office.
REEB Cycles ready for the Cottonwood descent.
Yep...we all made it.

Dave Thibodeau ready to launch Cottonwood Pass on the REEB.
The group heads out onto the gravel of Cottonwood.
Dale finishes the dirt road descent, one of the closest moments to mountain biking on the trip.
Dave Chichura finishes up the long gravel descent.
The group heads out past Taylor Park Reservoir for the flat bumpy road to Crested Butte and the Brick Oven Pizza.
Dale hits the pavement while realing the group back in.

The splintered group heads into Crested Butte for beer and Pizza at The Brick Oven. Tomorrow will be a long 130 mile day from CB to Ouray.

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