Monday, August 22, 2011

Round Trip....

We headed out for another round on what has turned out to be the go-to route this summer. Buchannon Pass out of Peaceful Valley.
Jeremy getting into the small ponds along the climb.

The route has a lot of moisture throughout the top half of the climb.
Rolling on the rocky Cooney Flats Road.

Once you reach the top bridges & views make the ride somethin' special.

Troy sizing up the final bridge under the views of Sawtooth Mountain along the edge of Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Yep, the views never get old.
Jeremy getting through the scree field as the descent starts to head down.
Technical & challenging lines made a bit tougher with perfectly timed rain.
The right bike, the right trail. The Gates Carbon Drive Center Track system is a nice improvement over past systems and excels in the wet & tough conditions.

Jump onboard with Troy....dig it.

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