Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tour of BoulDurango - Day 5

Day 5 of the Tour of BoulDurango was the big hitter, not much elevation but the the thing goes deep. The day ends up to be 130 miles from Crested Butte to Ouray. The Brick Oven crew certainly did a fare share of work providing tour updates and pulling at the front of the group most of the day but 130 miles is still a lot for a crew of beer drinking and fun loving fools....plus it was Steve Grossman's birthday so some celebration was in order.Ready for some serious saddle time....at least the first 20 miles were downhill.
Native Sunglasses made the pit crew pretty....
....big jams for a big smile.
The crew rolls through Gunnison and out toward Black Canyon.

The bridges and water of the Curecati Rec Area were a pretty cool backdrop.

A good amount of single file on this portion of the ride.

Janelle, Adam Avery and the crew present Steve a borthday Cake on the summit of Cerro Pass.

Finally through Montrose and on the way to Ridgeway and COLORADO BOY BREWERY
After a few beers and pizza at Colorado Boy we had 10 miles to go to Ouray, Dave rolls into Ouray Brewery for a Wheelsucker Wheat.

Arlo enjoys brews and talks junk from the rooftop view.
Late night Birthday Cake and celebration of a long day with Steve & Joe from Sierra Nevada, thanks for coming!
Arlo sizing it up...
Dave Thibodeau sleeping nice and comfy...
....come on, we couldn't let him be that comfortable.

The Big Money Shot Day is still to come....Million Dollar Highway and 3 Mountain Passes before making to SKA for the celebration.

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