Monday, August 29, 2011

RME Series Final this weekend!

Final course prep on the 22 mile loop is being done by our course designer Jeff Vanderlinden and it is a real treat. Destined to become a cult classic, it has a similar feel to Laramie but feels like you're riding through a game preserve. Three antelope bucks are amongst the herd that hangs out on the ranch, while red-tail hawks patrol the skies. This course will reward the technically skilled rider who can keep his speed through a variety of terrain.

Event Details:
RME Marathon - 66 miles Start 8:00
Two-Thirds Marathon - 44 miles Start 9:00
XC Race - 22 miles Start 9:20
Warriors Kids Race - Start 2:00

GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE via the Rocky Mountain Ultra Series Website.

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