Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Come Ride with Us

Hello all from the land of Oskar Blues. We have some free promotions going on that we wanted to let you in on.

The Hall Ranch Challenge is a new opportunity for you to win free stuff by simply getting out & riding. Ride Lyons' very own Hall Ranch before visiting Oskar Blues & log your ride info to recieve a free cold draft beer of your choice. In addition to your gourmet barley pop at rides end you will also be entered to win many more fantastic prizes. Check out the Oskar Blues website for complete details.

Also, at the first Mountain States Cup race we handed out Oskar Blues handbills highlighted in the First Pour entry below. These handbills celebrate our relationship with the MSC & the kick off of this site. Bring these handbills to the Oskar Blues Cajun Bar & Grill & recieve a FREE Beer with any food purchase. Keep an eye out for these handbills at future MSC race registration or come see us in the vender area.

Keep your eyes glued to this page for additonal give aways & complete updates from Oskar Blues & the world of Blues, Brews & Bikes.

Keep the rubber side down,


Lidarman said...

Hey Dale,

I like the idea of the contest in terms of most miles over the time period, but not sure I like the fastest lap concept. There is enough conflict at Hall with people coming down not yielding without having a race made out of it. Plus, How in the world can you determine if someone is fudging their time?

Melis said...

Have a thought on the contest or Oskar Blues beer, here is a place discussion has already begun.


Keep in mind a few things: 1. This is for fun 2. OB beer is good 3. We all win when we ride bikes.