Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Flower Rush @ Crested Butte

What I learned at MSC #3 at Crested Butte:
1. Alarm clock settings, breakfast, coffee & bathroom stops are key pre-game
2. Get fit before you go, all races here are very fitness intensive
3. Always, always take a practice run at the course if you get a chance
4. Run a Cross Country set-up for the Super-D
5. Run a Super-D set-up for the Downhill
6. Spandex clad riders can win gravity races
7. Emergency tire repair kit at the top of the hill is key
8. To race on back to back days a cool down ride on the first day is helpfull
9. Find shade & drink lots of fluids
10. Follow steps 1 through 9 with a Dales Pale Ale

The View

The Venue

The Podium

The Super-D

The Downhill

The Beer

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redstone said...

Great pic of Holly and the kids!