Monday, August 27, 2007

YETI Tribe Gathering

What is the tribe? Here's what YETI has to say:
The Yeti Tribe is a diverse group of freaks. Freaks that love bikes. They come from all walks of life - racers, artists, adventure junkies, beer swillers, priests, lawyers, construction workers, cops, and buddists. If they own a Yeti they are part of the tribe. They share a zest for life and a desire to own the best mountain bikes on earth. At festivals and races they hang out, race, eat, talk. They are passionate and fanatical at times. They are who we are.We were able to share all of the above within the fantastic surroundings of Crested Butte, CO this weekend at the 6th annual YETI Tribe gathering. We arrived Friday evening ready to hit a Dales Pale Ale & a BBQ sandwich. Brew continued to flow as riders trickled in. Saturday's ride started with frost covered ground. There are some fantastic photo's of this on the YETI forum. The 401 trail was certainly a smooth-as-silk affair right from town. I especially enjoyed the post-401 Dave Weins led Snodgrass loop, thanks! Beer Can chicken & more brew followed as the Tribe readied for an evening of Kickball, Bike toss, Washers, raffles & general weirdness. Sunday we all awoke to more enjoyable weather, despite the weather the Tribe was moving noticeably slow on this morning. We did rip on the bike though, hitting the Reno/Flag/Bear/Rosebud/Deadman loop. A shout to YETI for organizing the rides & the freaks, we dug 'em both. Here are some views from our side of the fence.

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