Thursday, February 21, 2008

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

We arrived to Tucson flip-flops in hand & ready for a break from the Colorado winter. We were greeted with flurries & rain, Sunshine State my a**! To be fair the clouds did break up leaving a race course that was super fast, tacky & ready to be charged by thousands of insane 24 hour racers of all types. The course was really fun, twisty, turny & flowing single track weaving in & out of Cactus. We had two laps with double flats as the goal of night laps was simply to stay away from cacti that had been spread throughout the course from people running into them. It is inevitable that you will absolutely, 110% guarantee, have some form of cactus absorbed into your body if you do this race.

The team was out in full force, we had a Solo Single Speed Super Woman(Chelsea McGowan), a 4 person open Single Speed team (Jen Gersbach, Megan Monroe, Gavin Hayes & Chad Melis) as well as a men's Duo team (Scott Fleigleman, Nick Howe). We rolled in SOOO PRO with both rigs, a ton of brew & the excitement that only the first event of the year can provide. The Spot Brand/Dales Pale Demo tour truck was the pit spot in the 24 hour village while we had the OB RV dominating the camping area. Between these spots we had it going on, we even had a chance to watch movies during our down that's nice, I mean R E A L N I C E.

Not only can Brett turn a wrench, he found time to write the first single for our summer tour: "Big Rigs & Beer". Release date TBD
Scott get's his run on to start the two four. Nick waits for another lap The bikes drew a lot of attention as they waited for another Hot Lap. Women's Single Speed Solo winner Chelsea heads out for another lap, way to go girl!
There was a sweet Cactus sculpture made out of old bike rims, flat tubes were hung on it to be recycled after the race.
Need I say more????? I Didn't think so!

One successful trip is in the books with many more to come. We'll see you out on the trail or at the races!

Big Rigs & Beer,


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redstone said...

Love the white uniforms, especially the shorts. SWEET!