Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pic's of the Eldora Escape from

A solid field of pro women line up for the Dale's Pale Ale short track race.
Erin Huck of Tokyo Joe's was on the gas to win the pro womens short track.
Jen G rolls it under the Challenge chair in the short track.
The pro men start their drag race in the short track.
Mike West of Maverick returns for his first comeback race after breaking his ankle at the start of the season.
Jen G stomps her way to another 4th place in the cross country race, which was dubbed by most racers as one of the funnest courses of the year.
Joshua Bezecny of Tre/VW leads the pro men up the first climb of the race while a zealous spectator taunts them with his backside.
Old Man Viggers always rides with a smile and a singlespeed Spot Brand Bike. And, he's usually faster than most of the geared expert field to boot!
Yo, thats me...look thirsty?

Thanks Eddie!

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Anonymous said...

That's a really good picture of you. I hope you're gonna give me a copy.