Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We have new video footage on our Oskar Blues YouTube page, including updates from last month’s DNC events. Get a peek at these lighthearted reports HERE.

We printed up some special posters for our events during the Democratic National Convention, they were, uh, inspired by Barrack Obama's iconic HOPE poster below.

These almost-as-iconic HOPS posters were a hit during DNC week and have gained some eager supporters of their own.
Want one for your wall? Hit THIS LINK and grab a print-ready file and print away.
Or order the printed version in pairs (a minimum of two) at our Gear section and we'll send 'em to you for $7.00 per pair.


mimi said...
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Anonymous said...

Audacity, indeed!

DPA enjoys bi-partisan support across this great land!