Monday, December 15, 2008

Help create Valmont Bike Park

Welcome to the Valmont Bike Park, a destination being crafted specifically for you, the cycling enthusiast. Located in the cycling epicenter of the United States, Boulder, Colorado, this multi-discipline cycling park is being designed by some of the finest trail builders in the United States to support a vast array of trail networks created for their respective disciplines.

Epic single-track for the mountain biker, rhythmic pump tracks for BMX enthusiasts, and cyclocross circuits designed in the style of the best courses in Belgium will be free for all to experience and allow any skill level to enjoy from beginner to expert, child to senior citizen.

As a top level project of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Valmont Bike Park is being created through the partnering and cooperation of the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation, the International Mountain Biking Association and their trail building resources and expertise, and, most importantly, members of the Boulder community at large who have volunteered massive labor, management, and financial support to the Park. This unique harmony has enabled the town to create an environment that exemplifies the region’s stunning natural beauty and the commitment to sustaining the natural habitat of the park's surroundings.

This web site will provide you with information about Valmont Bike Park and enable you to learn more about the trail systems being created and also learn how you can donate time or financial resources to the park itself to participate in its growth and success. Come and enjoy the ride!

The Valmont Bike Park Needs Your Support!

The Park is being designed to ensure it is truly a world class facility...a model from which other parks can extract inspiration and ideas. To ensure the completion of all the features the Park can provide, we are asking for your financial assistance and for any other assistance, such as volunteering, you can provide.

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Anonymous said...
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redstone said...

dang dude, if they can cram all of those trails in such a small area, that'll be really sweet. Reminds me of Hastie Hill just outside of Lawrence, KS. We used to race there back in the day. I think they had a 3 or so mile loop in under 50 acres. Made for good spectatin.