Monday, March 9, 2009

Colorado Can Cup Pics

We had an amazing turnout & effort from everyone who made their way to Planet Bluegrass for the first ever Colorado Can Cup Bike Polo Tournament this past weekend in Lyons,CO. 14 teams, including one from Sale Lake City, UT & another from Casper, WY signed up & grabbed mallets on a day that provided a variety of twists & turns from warm sunshine to near white-out conditions. Thanks to everyone who came out & made this one bad-a** first edition of something special that has all the ingredients to get bigger & better.Passion Productions & Durango Mallethead Chad Cheaney keeping the Can Cup organized.
Lyons local team "Fat Chadz" battled well all day.
Fort Collins Bike Hockey team defending the goals they brought, thnaks!
Boulder's "The Pro's Closet" givin' you a glimpse at The Best in Show.
Fort Collins Bike Hockey providing a little mechanical support.
A few fronts came & went throughout the of them created near whiteout conditions, and...
created some slick playing surgaces. Nobody was injured but we did have a few hit the deck.
The farthest traveling team Polo Therapy from Salt Lake City, UT battling the Durango Malletheads.
The Championship game, the Durango Malletheads lock feathers with Team Boulder (affectionately known to crowd as the featherheads).
The Malletheads pulled out the victory, establishing themselves as the first ever Champions of the Colorado Can Cup.
Inside the Mallethead Huddle.
The Awards Ceremony & after hours dance party in the Oskar Blues Party Barn.

The Malletheads celebrate the big V at the Jason Ricci show at Oskar Blues.

Thanks to all the teams, spectators, Passion Productions, Breggo Breakfast, Planet Bluegrass & all of our family at Oskar Blues for helping provide the canvas for bike polo geeks to paint this masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

loads of bike polo tournament pics were posted to the link above. Hopefully it works for you.

Melis said...

Here is a link to a group from Boulder that plays Bike Polo. Check out the link to stay up to date on what's going on there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for taking and posting the pics. The whole day was a bike hockey-polo players dream come true. Lyons Chad, Thanks for sticking your neck out with the grounds. What a beautiful location. Durango Chad, I don't know how you managed to gather up 14 teams. Wow. The local teams and each team that traveled from far away brought something great to the tournement. Congrats to Durango who just raised the bar up a notch!! Till next time,Steve