Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ADVANCED COPIES of LOVE AT THE PUB @ The Tasty Weasel Thursday 11/4

Join The Tasty Weasel & "LOVE AT THE PUB" AUTHOR Mary Jane Mahan for an advanced copy gathering this Thursday November, 5th.

Mary Jane takes the knocks and gladly gives it up for Oskar Blues in the Taproom! Who is this Mary Jane and what are the knocks (and where can you get some)? Well, a long long time ago, circa 2005, Oskar Blues took some gripes in Georgia for sending every blessed keg of Ten FIDY to this little ol'e beer bar six miles due east of downtown Atlanta. That place was the Brick Store Pub and they fell in love with our "Behemoth of a Stout" so much that they swore they'd sell every last drop and cause a Georgia heat wave in the middle of December. The Brick Store did just that and now it's all grow up as the #2 Beer Bar on Planet Earth with its very own book!

Apparently Oskar is well loved in Decatur, cause here's the knocks...Mary Jane's book hits on exactly 11.11.09, however she's got a handful of advanced copies of "Love at the Pub" that Decatur residents would give their left arm to see (shhhh!). Heck, they'd give over (gasp!) their Little Yella Pils! Since this gal's an unofficial ambassador for the Pub, she figured to go all out for us and offer Oskar Blues the first signed copies. Yes, we are the FIRST family members to get this homage to small batch beer and a community's love affair with its Pub! Now that's Love at the Pub, um, we mean the Tasty Weasel Taproom! Come see Mary Jane at 5pm o'clock Thursday 11.05.09 with $20 bucks for this hot ticket (we mean the book). You'll love the Oskar Blues Brick Story and so much more, we sure did!

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lubes17319 said...

The Brick Store = finger-lickin' goodness!

And a hearty War Eagle!