Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mile High Sci-Fi at The Tasty Weasel SATURDAY APRIL 17th

Greeting Comrades,

So there has been a bit of confusion around the big brewery bash this Saturday, so allow me to take your worries away, tie them to a little balloon and let them fly away...

1) Show is at 730. Five bucks. We can't sell in advance so get there early - we're getting lots of emails about it. Granted, they are mostly from really confused people asking WTF? but still.

2) This is at the actual brewery in Longmont. At the Tasty Weasel Tap Room. NOT the old brew house/restaurant in Lyons. NOT the new restaurant in Longmont with the big silo painted like a can. The address is 1800 Pike Rd, Unit B Longmont, Colorado 80501 and the website is Google it or put the address in that fancy-pants GPS you're so damn proud of because it is not marked terribly well.

3) The beer is not free. When I said there will be lots of beer to try, I should have also said lots of beer to buy. But you're only paying $5 bucks so you'll have money left over for beer and gas and the DUI on your way back to Denver.

4) Gotta behave. We'll let you shout "Wolverines" once at the appointed time but otherwise shut up. And more importantly, don't steal anything. I mean, yes, we'll be in a brewery. And yes, there will be pallets and pallets of your favorite beers stacked to the sky. And yes, there is a forklift. And yes, you could easily back your car up to the loading dock on the south side of the building. But you're not going to do that because we are guests there and we want them to have this be a regular thing. And because there is a crazed guard with a machete roaming the place and he'll hack your arms off without blinking. Oh, he takes his break around 8.

5) Yes, you have to bring your own chair. Quit whining about it and just bring it. And if you don't have one, steal one. REI is really busy on Saturday mornings and most of their staff will be busy touting the benefits of the new Gore-Tex dog shoes to gullible yuppies, so you can pretty much just walk in and walk out.

6) And yes, we're showing Red Dawn, the documentary about the 1982 Soviet/Cuban invasion of Calumet Colorado that was beat into submission by the breakfast club of the local high school. It is a true story. Can't believe you missed it.


Good. See you and your chairs on Saturday.



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