Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride...Rain, Hail, Thunder, Lightning & a damn good time.

Last week we had a handful of riders show up at Redstone for a few Dale’s Pale Ale before we succumbed to the fact that the trails simply were unavailable for responsible riding. We held our heads high & headed to Oskar Blues to share the advantages of the MurCan Mug Club.

This week we had 13 redstoners show up in Left Hand Canyon despite the hail & rain that was coming down heavy. We showed up to find Eddie Clark’s truck parked & getting pounded by hail. We took our time & let the rain & hail slow a bit before heading up. There aren’t too many trails even close to being available to ride but Dave has the area dialed in & knows where things drain quickly & effectively. We headed up, up & up. Lee cleaned the entire climb & I single dabbed it on the SS with 3 hand checks…we’re gonna clean this sucka some time.

After some traversing the sun came out & light up the surrounding hillsides.
The decent was well drained & a freaking great time. At this point the group started to split as darkness was near after the slow start & a large group. The group shared additional lights with me & we made our way fireman hill before the final descent. The descent hadn’t drained quite as well & it was a bit sketchy & wet.
I’m glad the Redstone group shows strong on an evening of hail, rain, thunder & lightning….we held tight & rode few of the trails that were dry enough to ride responsibly. It was an evening that was worth sitting down over a few beers & bluegrass at Oskar Blues.

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