Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ska Brewing Anniversary and Ride

We loaded up to visit out brothers in D-town for their 16th Anniversary....How could we not when they are throwing a beerfest party with The Toasters playing.
First we had to drop off a gift at Avery....not a bad Friday for them.
The ride was a sweet shuttle serviced by Hermosa Creek Tours, comfy.
Jeremy getting that thing rolling on the HCT.
SKA's own Dave Thibodeau rolling wtih fall colors behind him.
Leader of the Durangutangs Chad Cheaney chases a Ten FIDY down the trail.
Great views all day.
Lettin' it roll, felt like most of the day was coasting.
We ran into a sweet RAVEN CYCLE WERKS rig up there. A super small 29er custom, nice rig.
The SKA boys get a toast on stage with the Toasters!
With a heck of a ride and a great party behind is it was time to enjoy the colors on the way home. looking forward to next year, cheers!

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