Thursday, November 10, 2011

Geoff Mooney's REEB Ride

When Geoff's not drinking a beer, he's putting beer in a can.  Geoff is the man behind the Oskar Blues Brewery can line.   He and the boys come with the smart assed one liners on the bottom of the cans next to the dates.
Geoff is back on the bike after a few years off it chasing powder on those snow sticks.  If you catch him in a lift line at Eldora be nice, he's probably packin' a Ten FIDY he's willing to share.

We've been doing the early ride thing, hitting Lyons trails at 6:30 for a pre-work day meeting.
Geoff's from the land of Ice & Snow and was appropriately trackin' "Spin Cycle" by Eyedea & Abilities while the 11/10/2011 version of Mama's Little Yella PILS was hitting the can. 
Enjoy it.

Predictions:  Minnesota Wild will win the Stanley Cup & Gopher Hockey will win the NCAA.  He takes 1 lump of sugar and 2 lumps of milk in his coffee.
Sorry about that buddy.

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