Monday, March 7, 2011

BMA goes Round 2 for West TSA Petition

Most of you know what is going down in the West Trail Study Area (if not, read more here). This is the access battle of a generation. According to Open Space Board of Trustees outgoing chair Bill Briggs, "It's about more than bikes." The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance couldn't agree more.

BMA remains optimistic that mountain bikers can gain reasonable and responsible access to some trails in the West TSA, but city council needs to hear from you first. You must help dispel the myth that we are a bunch of adrenaline-fueled speed junkies with no concern for our families, our environment, and our community.

Here's what BMA needs you to do TODAY...SIGN The Petition
Your signature on this new petition goes a long way.
What's the gist of the petition? "Dear City Council; It's high time to bring mountain bikers into the fold. Please accept us as citizens, as neighbors, and as the current and future open space stewards that we are."

Tell city council that you support bike access on Anemone Hill and on a north-south connector trail. Please send your letters to city council to

If you want to get more involved and help out in these last few days before the March 15th City Council meeting, the BMA Advocacy Team could use your help. Contact them at to lend a hand.

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