Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Final 6

pm ride that is.

Next week starts daylight savings time and rides take off promptly at 5:30 to get some of that daylight. We hit up Lefthand OHV during a week of mixed weather, that place is a diamond in the rough of bad conditions....granted it's steep enough to force you to chew on your handlebars while climbing, but ain't nothin' free 'round here.

Check out Dirty Doug on his new Turner Snow Bike, yep that's a nice piece of work. Check out more details from DOUG HERE.
The Gordon Imperial Red ML7.5 had it's first taste of trail on the steeps of OHV after being reclaimed.
Doug was rallying the climbs, the Leadville Winter Mountain bike series and the new ride has brought out the demons in him.
Doug railing through snow covered trees.
Matt painfully rocking the SS before his beer bail...I can't blame him.
Chris rolling under ice covered bushes.
Sean getting throught the singletrack as well.
The regroup before the descent and brews. Here's to the upcoming time change....

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Anonymous said...

I bet that snow bike was great on the climbs ;')