Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maverick DUC 36 Carbon

Maverick American Bicycles has released details on a limited run of their long awaited DUC 36 Carbon for summer 2011.

They are taking pre-order information from interested riders. Contact if you would like to get on the pre-order list

Travel (internally adjustable):
26” - 150mm or 175mm
29” – 115mm or 140mm

Axle to crown:
150mm / 115mm - 525mm
175mm / 140mm - 550mm

Externally adjustments:
Low Speed Compression
Full range rebound
Positive air pressure
Negative air pressure

Internal settings:
High speed compression shim adjustment
High speed rebound shim adjustment

Brake - I.S. Mount
Compatible with existing DUC crown, stem and 24/7 hub
Estimated weight - 4.5lbs (with guards & steerer tube)
Suggested retail - $1549"

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