Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Long in the Tooth

It's that time of year....enjoying the warm weather of the Front Range spring at Horsetooth Mountain. Keith leads the order heading up the Westridge Trail with the view of the Blue Sky Trail dropping into the background.
One word for Horsetooth: Steep, well I guess you could lump long in there as well.
Single Speed hearts the heart on the slopes of the tooth.
Stopped to put the heart back in my chest & dig the view.
Keith hitting a tough techy section.
snap, 2.
got it.
Doug hits the Single Track of the Wethen Trail.
Doug & Troy top out with the Towers behind them....ready to head down.
Doug drops down the Loggers Trail, a good descent after humpin' the SS up.
Keith smooth and flowy on a tricky little high speed rock notch.
Troy enjoying the descent.
From there we went south to grab dinner and a Nuggets Game. Dale's Pale Ale on Draft at The Pepsi Center. The Nugs are back with a chip on their shoulder with Melo gone. They kept thw win streak rolling & the evening started to rev up before heading to The New Mastersouds show.
It was a long day & night....a day in the life.
umm, yep.

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