Monday, January 5, 2009

Lyons Oskar Blues Cross Pictures

Eddie made it out for some back country snowboarding yesterday but was still able to get some photo's over to us today. He also had a few make it to Mountain Flyer Magazine for their coverage of our event, HERE. Enjoy...
Conor Mullery runs the barrier for a well earned 2nd place
Mitch Hore with a winning bunny-hop
Brian Fuentes...mtb strong man made it out to celebrate his brithday...Cheers!
Alison Powers threw down a strong performance on her Singlespeed.
Jen hittin the whoops through the Dirt Jump park.
Old Man Michael Vigers...on his frankenSpot a day after his 16th birfday...yeah DOGG!
Why is Dales calf all scuffed up? He must have tried to pass JenG.
Jackson Hole WY, Lake River Brewing racer came all the way down for some good ol Dales Pale Ale cross racing.
The icy hill forced most to walk
A nice gathering in the Oskar Blues Banquet Barn.
Thanks for you help Ron.



redstone said...

Wow, great photos! I think Eddie has outdone himself on this batch. Especially love the bunnyhop pic and, of course, Rockin Ron's mug.

Yeah, thanks Ron:)

The Neil said...

Are the rest of Eddie's photos available somewhere. I saw the flash go off a few times, and am only hoping to have been caught by his shutter.

Melis said...

Generally you can reach him via email at or
if you are interested in checking them out.