Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks for coming out to celebrate CX in '09

Hey all,
Thanks to all of you who came out to ride bikes in the cold of January 3rd. did a great job bringing a relaxed fun cyclocross event to the front range in the new year. Feel free to leave any good or bad comments on the weekend below so we can make sure things progress in the years to come. We had a great get together in the barn following the riding as well, so again...thanks for coming out. We're still waiting on images from Eddie the king of camera but we did have a Lyons local Jay Stott out there who has images available HERE. You can also check a bit of event info via Redstone Cyclery blog HERE...also via that blog a little insight into the following day as we checked out the area for left over debris & enjoyed the cold but good conditions on the Picture Rock trail...check it OUT HERE.

Stay tuned for images from Photo-Eddie.



Mark Edmonds said...

can you arrange for warmer weather next year?

. said...

sorry I missed the show Chad...had to travel. Get ur arse back up here for CultCross...even more snow this year!

KBK said...

I simply can't say enough about how nice it was to finish a race this season and see the Dale's bus! Thanks so much for the continuing support. Way to make a community out of beer and cycling!