Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MSC Crested Butte & Redstone Solstice

We made the trek to one of our favorite places this past weekend for the most recent stop on the Mountain States Cup Circuit. It welcomed us with good camping, great riding, Great Beer & Pizza as well as with some raging rivers & storm showers. The Cat 1 men & Singlespeeders were lucky as the rain started coming down on the final of 3 laps...but the PRO's got the stuck with some really tough rain conditions. CB boasted 3 completely different courses, all of which lived up to the high CB standards. As usual EDDIE caught us on film...
Mike Vigers & Brae Patton put the screws to teh Cat 1 juniors on the uphill start.
Vigers goes warp speed on the last lap to surge ahead and take the win.
Holdin' it together during the SS race.
Dellys Starr gaps the women's field in a field of daisies.
Dell fights back after flatting on the first lap.
Jen G sliding her way down the mud for one more lap.
Jen Tilley got the finish line wave off & heads out for another lap, finishing 7th.
JG fought through the conditions to finish 2nd.

Crested Butte laid the charm on once again as it was difficult to leave...we have more to come from some camping, beerin', riding & all 'round fun having. stay tuned.

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