Monday, June 15, 2009 pictures from LOG 2009

Dirt Jump Comp
Nick Simcik pulls in a superman air with ease.
Local gravity racer Sam Powers was busting out some big ol Toboggans for the jam.
Pro Fix rider/dirt jumper/digger Jared Fischer boosts the second big jump for the jump jam.
Nick Simcik Backflipping the Jump Jam.
Amplitude to spare as he spins a turn down 360.
Full On Clucked out Turndown, SWEET!
and carnage was had for all.

Pump Track Comp
Course designer and local dirt legend Lee McCormack displays some great pumptrack technique. Thanks for yor help Lee.
John waaa waaa Watts puts the mond game on Brandon Turman with a consolation hug prior to their LOG pumptrack championship heat.
It came down to a draw on time, so John Watt and Brandon Turman had a head to head final heat to determine the winner. John would eventually catch Brandon after a critical washout to take the pumptrack win.
Nick Simcik gets pumped for the pumptrack.
Monique Hein took a break from the national road racing series to support the LOG. She also broke the hearts and minds of many young men by lapping them while warming up for the Short-Track on the pumptrack.

Giant racer Zach White leads out the men in the short track race.
Boulder speedster Brian Fuentes passes Chad Melis on his way to nearly winning the short track race, a mechanical on the last lap dropped him to 2nd.
Jen G leads out the ladies at the start, and Dell Star would lead the ladies to the finish.
Jen G dropping in on an off-camber left hander that sent several peeps over the bars into the brush below.

World Class Kayak Events
LOG co-founder, Scott Young, uses his locals knowledge to negotiate the 'Narrows' during the creek race.
The Adam Barron memorial South St Vrain creek race was held with some solid cfs for boaters to contest several Class 5 rapids.
Jackson Kayaks was representing and their boaters all brought their A-game for some serious tricks in the freestyle comp.
The Black Bear Hole once again served up a nice wave for the pro freestyle kayak comp

Thanks to Eddie from for sharing the view from behind his lens, CHEERS!


The Neil said...

Hey Chad,
Do you know if Eddie has the rest of the pictures of the short track online somewhere?


G-Lenn said...

Eddie's photos rule! Great job everyone, this weekend was the best.

Melis said...

they might be here