Friday, October 3, 2008

Interlocken Cyclocross pictures

The 9th Annual Dale's Pale Ale sponsored Boulder Cyclocross Series has kicked off with the Interlocken edition.Kerry Barnholdt starts the Boulder Cyclocross Series off with a solid 1st place.
Kelli Emmet rode on some CrossVegas tired legs to 3rd place.
Becca Blay rocks the low zipped jersey.
Jilayne Lovejoy of Excel on the run/push up went on the a 17th place finish.
This is how exhuasted you should be after completing a cyclocross race!
Matt thought he was getting on hwy 36 and almost hit 55mph right from the start of the race!
Boulder Courier/Primus Mootry rider throws a rooster tail in the sand trap.
Mix rider Kris Thompson wins best mustache award.
Moots rider Corey Psicopo stomping for a 15th place.
Mike West fresh off the Lake Mead surfboard into CX.
Matt Pacocha wins it by a long shot.

We missed the initial race because of Cross Vegas but I can't wait to see ya at the next one, CHEERS!

Mike West with the OB crew taking a little vacation via Lake Mead during Interbike.

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