Monday, October 27, 2008

Rally of the Dead part 1

As usual we had a ton of bike plasma pumping through the system this weekend. We had a BMA fundraiser going at Boulder Racing cyclocross race #3 at the Boulder Res as well as an invitation to Durango. I was lucky enough to be exported through this life, onto the edge of the undead before finally being turned zombie via powers of Passion Productions. Edmund Wade Davis says that two special powders being entered into the blood stream can turn a living person into a zombie. (usually via a wound). The first, coup de poudre (French: 'powder strike'), includes tetrodotoxin (TTX), the poison found in fugu. The second powder is composed of dissociatives such as datura. PASSION PRODUCTIONS induced a death-like state in which we would be entirely subject to that of the bokor...bokor DOOM. Once under control of DOOM we rode, partied, bled, hiked, rode, rode, rode & cheated death on Hogs Back, we saluted death to the brink of no return.

We arrived in time to catch a Polo game with the one and only Reverend Phil & those filthy crew. We headed out with darkness approaching to gather and gather the spirits for the weekend. After we were appropriately embalmed we headed straight down the gnarliest nearest downhill to watch the carnage of dead follow us to Ska Brewing for desert.

Photo's of the weekend are as consistent as the memories, camera's came & went...some pictures remain & some go with us to the grave.

before succumbing in mind, body & spirit we hit Cascade Creek for what could be the last high country ride of the year.

After the ride we visited closets of the dead to prepare for The Zombie Ball and Bike Porn Film Tease. Luckily for most involved we were pocketless & didn't catch much for display...simply said, one hellofa party.

The following morning the Rally of The Dead stage race began....stay tuned.

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redstone said...

Good post man. Can't wait to hear the rest.