Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picture Rock Trail Opening

The Ranger gives a big smile of approval. Today, September 22, 2008, Boulder County Parks and Open Space officially opened the Picture Rock Trail on Heil Ranch. This trail has been dreamed about, talked about, and planned for almost 10 years by mtn bikers just like you and me, and now it's the real deal!
Although not the source of the name, This view is worthy of the trails namesake.
If coming from the Boulder side of Heil Ranch, you get on the Picture Rock trail at a junction on the Wild Turkey Trail. From here, it's 5.5 miles of fun twisty singletrack down into Lyons. Awesome
Mtn Bike Mike, the BMA president and man with the plan. You could say he's the hardest working man in Boulder when it comes to trail access and building. Atop the "Great Wall of Heil" we discussed how the day and this trail are historic accomplishments for mountain biking in Boulder County. Thanks Mike!
We provided post ride celebratory libations and sandwiches to 250 happy mtn bikers at Planet Bluegreass.

Congrats to everyone involved in making history as one of the most experienced & well run trail creations ever! Trail building in Boulder County will never be the same, Cheers!

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