Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Tuesday Night at 9,000 ft.

It reached 60+ degrees in the front range on Tuesday, but for the Redstoners that met later & colder & high elevation the payoff was event hotter.The warm temps & boot pack made a sweet trail deep into Peaceful Valley/Camp Dick Smiles before we even got started....the Dale's maybe? Tree is a gear rep....yes, those are Safeway bags in his shoes. Run what you brung, or smoke em if you got em i guess. Matt goes balls deep. If you got off the 16 inch wide trail it was.......balls deep. TAKE 1 - Looking, um good. TAKE 2 - Lookin....well, look man no hands. TAKE 3 - I got it TAKE 4 - Get off me, who needs this bike anyway. I can get up. TAKE 5 - Aw babe i didn't mean itTAKE 6 - aw come on....came crawling back, I didn't mean it.TAKE 7 - Time to clean the snow out of my drawers. umm, balls deep group photo. guess what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

A new sport = snow swimming!