Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Tuesday Night in the Snow

The trophy is back home.
. We;ve been getting some long rides in on Lyons Ghetto Singletrack, last night we spent much of it on the North Side & ice skating rink. A but over 2 hours of ride time & 15 minutes warming up at the Dougy fresh hut. Fresh snow & a little push.
Hit the hill, hit the lip.
Dave & Keith take a race of another sort.
Dirty Doug digs in around a slippery corner.
Keith roundin' another corner before heading down hill.

my new belt buckle, a gift from Jonelle, Thanks!

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Laidlaw said...

It's not ridiculous enough that you're riding in these conditions... you have to do it at night too? You guys are making us riders that stay in when there's a light dusting of snow look bad!