Monday, February 21, 2011

You Stole The Wrong Bike.

A bike thief cut a cable lock and stole Dale’s custom Titanium Spot Brand Carbon Drive System bike off of the Old Chub jeep on Friday in Denver. We wanna find this bike & have some fun with it. Dale is offering a $300 gift certificate to Oskar Blues locations and a day of Oskar Blues led riding, beer & food with the crew for the karma fed soul that can return this baby back to daddy.

Below is the initial blogpost from when Dale received the bike and since then he added a white Rock Shock fork to the set up in the blogpost. (Yep, he’s getting soft)

It’s a pretty unique set up:
1. Titanium Spot Brand Frame 29er with Oskar Blues/Spot Brand sticker (Mama's Little Yella PILS inspired)
2. Carbon Drive System (Belt Drive)
3. White Rock Shox fork
4. Gold Chris King Hubs & Headset
5. Red Raceface Cranks
6. Formula “The One” brakes
7. Ritchey Bar & Stem(White) Combo
8. Stans No-tubes Wheel Set
9. Thompson Seatpost & white WTB seat


Scot said...

Not cool. In Colorado, we still hang bike thieves.

redstone said...

Definitely not cool. Talk about a bold move. Stealing a very obviously OB bike off of a very obviously OB vehicle. We should string up the the theif and chuck full cans of DPA at him.

Kevin aka. PBR said...

We will keep our eyes open for sure! These folks just dont't get it- just their next crack fix! We will hunt them or him down and beat them to a bloody pulp!

they are not worthy of throwing full cans of DPA- but ive got some hockey sticks here at the house that will come in handy!

Kragerud said...

What a dipsh*t. I'll get the word out in Longmont. Bummer. Hopefully you'll get it back. Mine came back to me. Thieves are not smart people. Hopefully they will do something dumb. Get the serial number and give it to the police. Pawn shops are generally linked in to police inventories or something.

Sorry Dale.

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar...Denver has a serious problem. My friends' Yeti Single Speed with belt drive was cut out of the rear of his truck in October while there on a visit to ride....gone, never to be heard from again.

Kris Simons said...

Will keep an eye out. I live by some shady pawn shops that have come into some high end stuff mysteriously recently. Might carouse their wares over the weekend.

Ydna Semaj Retus said...

two words...gordon biersch. just kiddin. but that sucks man. hope it works out.

Betty n' Bettie said...

Was this bike ever recovered?