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March 11th Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance Newsletter

March 11, 2008
In this Issue:
Action Alert!
Valmont Park Update
Women's Tuesday "No Drop" Rides
Wanted: Walker Ranch Trail Condtion Reports

Action Alert!
Bike Ban Proposed for Colorado Trail and Epic Singletrack Near Durango

Your support is needed to protect valuable singletrack in one of Colorado's largest roadless areas, West Hermosa Creek. A new management plan for public lands outside Durango, Colorado, includes a proposal to close access to the famous Colorado Trail and several other cherished routes. Local riders are proposing a common sense solution that would protect natural resources and bicycle access.

Take Action! Tell the Forest Service you support bicycle-friendly protection of Durango's West Hermosa Creek. The deadline for comments is March 12, 2008.

Additional Information
There are many ways to protect land and allow for bicycle access. For West Hermosa Creek, the Forest Service should recommend that Congress create a National Protection Area. This designation prohibits mining, logging, road-building and motorized travel while allowing bicycling.

For the larger Hermosa Creek area, which encompasses West Hermosa Creek, the Forest Service should recommend that Congress create a National Conservation Area. This would protect more land than a Wilderness designation alone. A National Conservation Area allows existing motorized travel on designated routes, but it bans road building, mining and structures.

Also at issue is the plan's failure to consistently treat bicycling as equal to and in the same category as hiking and equestrian travel. Bicycling should not be lumped together with motorized travel and should not be referred to as "mechanized" travel. Bicycling should be appropriately categorized as a "non-motorized" activity. The environmental impacts of bicycling are similar to hiking and considerably less than other uses.

Bicycling should be allowed on trails unless they are specifically closed to this use. The plan now proposes the opposite -- that trails will be closed unless designated open. This is inconsistent with the policy of many National Forests across the country.

Valmont Park Update

By Bobby Noyes, BMA Valmont Cycling Director

Thanks to all of you who have provided input and support for this project, we wouldn’t be where we are today with out it. This is the first of a series of status reports on making of a world class bike facility a reality in Valmont Park.

There are many government entities that must sign off on the project; Parks and Rec Advisory Board (PRAB), Parks & Rec Dept, and City Council. A concept plan was submitted to City Council in February. City Council was in full support of a bike park on the north side. Unfortunately, they did not agree on components of the south side, and sent the concept plan back to staff for further work. Parks is revising the plan with City Council’s recommendations. The new concept plan should get back to Council in June, and if approved, the plan will become final.

The good news is we have a tremendous amount of support and the city wants to make this a world class facility. We plan on a network of trails to include
pump track
terrain park
cyclocross track (with permanent stairs like our brothers across the pond)
short track mountain bike course
four cross
easy trails for kids
The bad news is the process is painfully slow and expensive. Costs are estimated to be in the $700,000 to $2,000,000 range, and most of it must be used for infrastructure costs to prepare the park for development. The trails are the cheap part. There are two ditches that run through the parcel, and culverts and/or bridges will need to be built to pass over them. We will have to negotiate with the ditch companies for these rights. They are very protective of their ditches. We need a “Ditch Expert” if anyone has background in this area, please contact me.

In the meantime, BMA is working with Parks on final design of the facility, and pushing them to fast track the bike park. We are in a good position, the south side needs about $30 million dollars to be developed, and the city knows it cannot write that check. The north side is a relative bargain and the city realizes it is within reach.

There will be a collaborative effort to help finance the Bike Park. BMA will be partnering with the City in fundraising efforts, but nothing can happen until the plan is finalized. You can expect this to be a very high profile project for the City and BMA as we move forward.

Want to be part of this effort? Send an email to Bobby@rockymounts.com

Gurlz Ride !!! Every Tuesday Starting Today.
Women's No Drop Rides

Over the past few years Cynthia Ferrer has built a strong following of women mountain bikers in the Boulder area. Cynthia approached us to run her group under BMA and we are thrilled to have her!
Ms Ferrer: “Our rides are girls only - no drop rides. All levels are welcome. There is no pressure to ride above your skill level. We have everyone from beginners through retired Pro riders but the rides are very social. Depending on who shows up we may break into groups based on ability. Then a bunch of us head out for dinner and drinks after the ride. Please don't be shy about jumping in!”

All participants on BMA sanctioned rides are covered under our insurance policy. Soooo… come out and hang with girls that love to ride our fabulous Boulder and Front Range trails.

Full details at: http://tuesdayrides.blogspot.com/

Walker Ranch Riders...BCPOS Needs Trail Condition Reports

Information is power... and Boulder County is continuing with their efforts to publish trail condition reports for the properties they manage. We appreciate the muddy trails signs placed at trailheads, and the posting of trail condition information on their website. BCPOS has contacted BMA to get better trail condition information for Walker Ranch.

If you are a regular at Walker, BCPOS would like to recruit you for supplying them timely trail condition information. If you fit that description and are willing, contact Mike Bauer at BCPOS at mbauer@bouldercounty.org. To view the current trail condition report, click here...... and then bookmark it!

BMA Loves Our Business Members!
Redstone Cyclery
Blue Sky Cycles
High Gear Cyclery
Oskar Blues Restaurant & Brewery
Performance Bike Shop
Cutting Edge Sports
University Bicycles
Sports Garage
Rocky Mounts
Full Cycle
Bitterbrush Cycles
Boulder Cycle Sport
The Fix
GEICO Local Office
Two Dog Diner in Prospect
Wonderland Hill Development Company
Botsy Phillips/Colorado Landmark Realtors
Copy Experts

Brian Sundberg/REMAX of Boulder
Athletic Excellence Training Solutions
Bicycle Village
Bikes Belong
Deuter USA
Boulder Beer
Boulder Business Products
Bob Maynard/Wright Kingdom Real Estate
Kustom Kar Audio
Catalyst Communications

You don't have to be in the cycling industry to be a business member, These businesses understand the direct benefit of being part of BMA. Hey, they ride too!

MEMBER Benefit! Just mention that you are a BMA member at Bicycle Village and get 10% off any bike purchase through March 31!

We are grateful to all our supporters in the business community and look forward to years of "getting things done on the trails".

We have a lot going on these days, and a lot of it requires money to make it happen. Our volunteer trail work events with food and schwag, tool storage, website... it all adds up quickly. BMA has a business membership program to fund these needs. You will see BMA stickers on your favorite bike shops and other businesses. If you see it displayed, be sure to mention that you are a BMA member/supporter and you appreciate their generosity and stewardship. And if you don't see a BMA sticker in your favorite shop, ask them why! And those of you who own a business, send mtnbikemike@gmail.com an email if you haven't heard from us about this program! You don't need to be a bike shop to be a business member, just interested in making better mountain biking in Boulder County.

BMA thanks those of you who have used the online membership functions to keep us afloat. And thanks to those of you who use snail mail too!

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Thanks to the people that have joined or renewed since our last newsletter:

Cathrine Hines
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Cynthia Ferrer
Ken Knowles
Marcia Van Eden (Family)
Duncan Wheeler (Family)

What's On the Horizon
Picture Rock Trail - May 17
National Trails Day - Picture Rock Trail - June 7
Little Raven Trail - July 26 & August 23

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