Thursday, March 6, 2008

UPDATE: MSC Keystone Climax - cancelled

2:28:08 - update
Looks like we're going to go ahead with the G3 at Snowmass on August 9-10. They've got some new terrain that they'd like to unveil and it looks like we might even get to race on last year's national course in addition to the new terrain they're building on the Fanny Hill side. Snowmass is planning on booking a decent act for the weekend and the concert would be free or next to free.

Keystone Climax - cancelled
2.15.08 - We're sorry to have to inform you all that the folks at Keystone have pulled the plug for 2008. Their concern is that the mess and chaos created by their new gondola project leaves too many uncertainties to chance, not just in the base area, but on course as well. They're gonna have gigantic Sikorski Sky-Crane helicopters flying in cement and lift towers throughout the summer and speaking from experience, those things move in when the weather allows.

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