Monday, March 3, 2008

Race Results: Bar-H Bash, Saint Jo TX

Here's a quick race report from the weekend's activities in Texas. We hope to provide additional insight & pictures from the Demo Days as well as from the race. Sounds like we had some super sized Texas fun.

Race Results for
Yeti Cycles/Mad Duck 2008 Bar-H Bash
Saint Jo, TX
Cross Country on 03/03/2008

1 Alex Morgan 1:24:50.00 Hill Sports Shop
2 David Boyd 1:28:27.00 Team Bike Lane
3 Gavin Hayes 1:32:35.00 Spot Brand / Dales Pale Ale
4 Jennifer Gersbach 1:34:45.00 Spot Brand / Dales Pale Ale
5 Gregory Ames 1:39:34.00
6 Brett Batchelder 1:42:15.00 Spot Brand / Dales Pale Ale


Anonymous said...

So where is s Speed Racer Chad in the results?

Melis said...

no dukes, i stayed home in lovely colorado.

Anonymous said...

dahc em yfitsym dna dnuofnoc uoy